You Probably Already Know Us...

This Fall, PEER Enterprises, LLC, will be publishing Skyler Reep's first book, Luck-Struck: How to Take Control & Create Your Own Luck.  In this unique and detailed look at the mechanisms of luck and coincidence, Skyler guides his readers through a journey of attitude and action to help them improve their lives.  He creates a step-by-step plan for people who want to improve their preparation, increase their opportunity, and build momentum for their next winning streak!  Using existing research, as well as interviews with some of the luckiest (and unluckiest) people alive, Skyler advises how we all might  improve our own luck.

In 2007, Skyler Reep built Custom Ink Design.  Expanding on his artistic talent in pen-and-ink, Skyler built this tattoo design shop from the ground up.  Skyler had already designed a tribal tattoo for his friend, Ian, but he wanted to see if his talents could be marketable to a larger audience.  Custom Ink Design promised its customers not only a unique tattoo, but Skyler also took his model  into new territory by copyrighting each and every design.  A CID tattoo is guaranteed unique and warranted against plagiarism, something no tattoo designer has ever offered.


It was Custom Ink Design which prompted Reep to incorporate and protect his assets and cash flows under the PEER Enterprises name.  His success with CID opened the floodgates to countless other projects!



PEER Enterprises combined existing technologies into a new use with Dynamic Data Destruction.  This company allowed consumers to remotely obliterate their hard drives from anywhere on the planet.  Has your computer been stolen?  Dial a number on your cellular to fry its memory.  Dynamic Data Destruction is still the leading provider of incendiary hard drive self-destruct devices.






PEER Enterprises is also revolutionizing the ideas of company ownership and democratic investor representation with Our Million Dollar Venture and Our Billion Dollar Company.  With both entities, PEER created a platform upon which investors could join a project without executives, effectively guaranteeing their fair representation in the decisions and directions influencing the use of their money.  Together, the shareholders of both entities can democratically drive the actions of enormous economic clout.  It still remains to be seen how the funds of each will ultimately be used





I Will Tell Everyone was created to allow users to tell everyone anything they wanted.  News, gossip, events... this growing social medium is finding its place on campuses across the US, starting with Idaho State University.  Skyler's bother, Joel Reep, as Director of Intelligence Systems, is in charge of the development of I Will Tell Everyone.





PEER Enterprises also manages investment properties through a subsidiary, PEER Apartments.  As it increases his holdings in luxury Teton real estate, PEER Enterprises is growing into a well-known property management company.






For those who are looking for a caretaking job -- or a caretaker -- PEER Enterprises runs Teton Caretaker Network, an employment networking site to help property owners and caretakers find one another.  Much like a matchmaker, TCN calculates compatibility based upon the experiences of the caretaker and the needs of the property owner.  TCN also checks the criminal and credit backgrounds of everyone involved.






A surprisingly popular creation, Cash Dimensions, began its life as a private project.  It was only during a debate with a colleague about how much $70,000 might weigh did Skyler finish development and create, and it has since become PEER's most recognized online asset.  Say's Reep:  "I'm just amazed at the traffic.  By its tenth day, Cash Dimensions had seen visitors from across the US, Poland, Egypt, South Africa, and the Philippines!  For whatever reason, people seem to want to know how big a stack of money is."  Skyler realized there was no need to monetize his widget, so Cash Dimensions is a free tool for use by anyone.





Vegan Gentleman was created as a place for the GQ set to find eco-friendly, cruelty-free products and services while still staying stylish.  It is the leading resource in this market.