About the Owner



Skyler Reep has been in business for himself since the age of  19.  What started as small-time cigar resale grew into a career of invention, innovation, and improvement.

Reep's experience in management consulting and his degree in international business from the School of Global Commerce and Management of Whitworth University has uniquely equipped him to face the challenges of entrepreneurship.

PEER Enterprises has never kept its eggs in one basket, and the organization stays directed yet maneuverable.  "I find that too many entrepreneurs fall in love with one idea and strap themselves to it," says Reep.  "Sometimes the world is just not ready for the best idea in the world.  Why ride that one concept into the ground?  At PEER, we stay swift and light.  Ideas sometimes awaken me in the middle of the night, and I'm fortunate that PEER can put its resources behind inspirations like that and have them on the market before dawn."